Backup Power UPS

Networks and servers are the central nerve center for business today and it is critical that they are protected by a UPS. WhiteSpace offers several UPS options to protect your vital IT equipment and data.

Line Interactive

Line interactive is an offline UPS topology in which the system interacts with the incoming utility line in order to regulate the power to the load. Line-interactive UPS products provide better protection than a standby system but are not as robust as online systems. Line-interactive UPS products are generally cost effective and energy efficient.


This UPS topology provides power to the load from its inverter 100 percent of the time, regulating both voltage and frequency. Online UPS products tend to cost more than line-interactive UPSs. Online UPS products are becoming increasingly more energy efficient.

Scalable Redundant

Scalable and redundant UPSs grow with complex and expanding IT networks. They enable you to purchase an initial UPS and then additional power and battery components at a later date to accommodate future expansion.

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