Register for our Cloud 9 Rapid Deployment Program

You shouldn’t have to wait for a great rack!


When you are expanding your data centre, you don’t want to settle for an inferior rack or wait weeks for a quality enclosure to arrive.

Our Cloud 9 Rapid Deployment Program ensures that you can get a great rack whenever you need it.

Our Cloud 9 enclosures are:

  • In stock right now
  • Ready to ship anywhere in Canada in a matter of days
  • Scalable, high-quality units that will grow with you well into the future.

To register for the Cloud 9 Rapid Deployment Program, call 1-800-667-4020 or complete the form below. It costs nothing, and you’ll get ongoing, preferred access to our select inventory of Cloud 9 enclosures.

Cloud 9 Rapid Deployment Program Request

Program Details:

  • The Cloud 9 Rapid Deployment Program offers a range of preconfigured Cloud 9 enclosures that cover the most common data centre scenarios. The list of configurations is always growing and evolving to meet our client needs. Contact your WhiteSpace CIS rep at 1-800-667-4020 to learn more.
  • It cost nothing to register for the Rapid Deployment Program.
  • To ensure that we continue to have great racks available for registrants, we will contact you periodically to discuss your potential upcoming needs.
  • Registering for the Rapid Deployment Program does not bind you in a legal agreement of any kind, so there is no risk. And it only take a few minutes, so why not sign up today!