Cloud Nine Enclosures


Cloud 9 is the ultimate enclosure for the modern data centre, allowing you to accommodate high-density deployments of server, storage and network equipment.

Specially designed by WhiteSpace, Cloud 9 easily handles any scenario you can throw at it.

Its versatility stems from a highly configurable, all-welded base enclosure, complemented by a wide range of integrated features and add-ons.

Cloud 9 seamlessly accommodates:

  • Mounting of non-standard equipment
  • Equipment with side-to-side airflow (such as Cisco and Juniper)
  • High density network cabling
  • Multiple airflow management and containment solutions
  • Extra-heavy equipment
  • Non-standard power connections

Key features of Cloud 9:

  • Compatible with all major equipment vendors
  • 4 x 19″ EIA‐310 vertical mounting rails, with U‐markings for easier installation
  • High flow doors with 75 percent open perforation pattern. (Solid rear doors are available for chimney configurations.)
  • Configurable for two available chimney styles: offset and straight vertical
  • Top panel openings for cable egress, with brush strips to contain air
  • Removable vertical rail blanking panels with cable pass-through for in-rack air containment (30″ wide models)
  • Multiple locking options, including key-based, combination lock and card-reader models
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Available in all-black, black with titanium doors, and nu-grey

Pre-configured. Ready to ship.

 Cloud 9 is available in a dozens of pre-configured models to handle a variety of common deployment scenarios including network, server and storage applications.

Simply choose the configuration that meets your needs and place your order using a single product number. Our stocking program ensures that the most popular configurations are ready to ship from strategic locations across the country. We can also work with you to customize Cloud 9 if you have unique requirements not covered by one of our pre-configured models.

Cloud 9 is available with:

  • Widths of 24″, 30″, 36″ or 42″
  • Depths of 42″ or 48″
  • Rear doors, either 75% perforated or solid (for chimney installations)
  • Top panels, with and without chimney openings
  • 1000s of accessories for airflow management, power, cable management, and equipment mounting.

Ready for the latest equipment.

Equipment from manufacturers such as Cisco, Juniper and Alcatel have unique installation requirements that must be met in order to maintain compliance and validate warranties. Cloud 9 handles these special requirements with ease. It offers:

  • Conversion kits to convert side-to-side airflow into front-to-back airflow
  • Vertical lacing bars for managing large bundles of network cables
  • Pre‐installed adjustable chassis support brackets for supporting heavy switches

Get on Cloud 9 today. 

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  • Get on Cloud 9 today.

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