Optimizing Energy Efficiency in the Data Centre

Energy benchmarking and solution design.

With steadily rising energy costs and “green data” initiatives, efficiency is becoming more and more important for data centres.

WhiteSpace can help. Our certified data centre energy consultants can help you:

1. Find energy savings

If you are running out of places to save on data centre operating costs, let our experts audit your power infrastructure and usage to recommend specific steps you can take to find energy savings.

2. Calculate ROI for infrastructure additions

If you are expanding or building a new data centre, our energy professionals can help you model and predict energy use in order to validate the proposed design and know what to expect in terms of ROI.

3. Validate green initiatives

Need help validating performance promises or “green” claims from vendors or integrators? Let WhiteSpace plan and execute a test-and-measure plan to evaluate a proposed solution or one you already have in place.

How we work with you:

Regardless of your situation, you can trust our disciplined process to diagnose and solve your energy challenges. Our services include:

  • Detailed audits of your current power setup and energy use
  • Performance benchmarking using the leading industry standards: Performance Usage Effectiveness (PUE), and Data Centre infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE)
  • Software modeling to predict ROI and future performance

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Energy is an increasingly important issue in the data centre, but it doesn’t have to add to your never-ending list of concerns. Bring in the experts from WhiteSpace and you’ll have one less item to worry about. For more information about our data centre energy consulting services, get in touch by:

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