Data Centre Design and Space Management

Get a professional design to optimize your use of space in the data centre.

Don’t leave the success of your project to chance.

When you are planning a new data centre or expanding an existing facility, the engineering team at WhiteSpace will ensure that it is done right. With combined experience of over 100 years in thousands of data centres, our accredited engineering consultants will support your in-house team by providing a data centre design that:

  • Makes the best use of your existing infrastructure and the available space
  • Maximizes cooling efficiency with vendor-agnostic airflow management solutions
  • Helps you manage energy costs with the right PDUs and power monitoring solutions

Get support from the early planning stages through to the final design.

We understand that data centre planning can be a chicken-and-egg situation.  You need to secure a budget before you can get too far into the design process, but how do you establish your budget without a clear picture of what the right design looks like?

Our data centre engineering consultants can help.

  • When you are in the early planning stages, we offer preliminary solution designs, budget estimates and ROI analyses to help you secure funding for your project. These help you move forward more quickly through the budgeting phase.
  • Once your project has taken shape and funding is secured, our engineering team will provide a detailed data centre design that serves as the final build document for your enclosure and airflow management installation.

How we work with you.

Our data centre engineers follow a proven, systematic process that offers the peace of mind that your investment will deliver the ROI you expect. Our approach includes:

  • A thorough audit of your facilities to understand what we can leverage of your existing infrastructure and what new equipment will be required
  • A detailed assessment of your existing cooling infrastructure to help plan the best airflow management solution and validate the effectiveness of the proposed design
  • Depending on the scale and complexity of your project, our engineering consultants will also carry out predictive testing of the solution using latest in CFD modeling techniques. This helps to further validate the proposed design and establish rock-solid estimates of ROI that can be used to secure funding.

Learn more.

Let our experts take the guesswork – and the risk – out of the data centre design and space management. For more information on how WhiteSpace can help, contact our engineering and professional services team by:

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  • Phone: 1-800-667-4020.
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