Data Centre Assessment Service

Are you wondering:
…if you have any spare capacity?
…how to increase profits and reduce operating costs?
…how to benchmark your facility’s performance?

Get answers fast with our data centre assessment service.
It’s a quick and affordable way to get an independent, expert
review of your facility.

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What you’ll get:

The data centre assessment is designed to answer all your pressing questions and put you on the fast-track to optimizing your facility.

The service includes:

  • A call to review your objectives
  • A one-day site visit conducted by a WhiteSpace applications engineer
  • Multi-point facility inspection and data capture
  • Full report and recommendations delivered within five business days.
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Pricing starts at just $7499, plus travel expenses. This is based on a mid-sized facility with up to 40 racks arranged in a standard aisle configuration. More details »


For a fraction of the cost of the big consulting firms, an accredited data centre engineer will visit your facility and make detailed recommendations. If you can find a better deal for a comparable service, we’ll beat it by 10 percent!


If you need help with a larger or smaller facility, please call 1-800-667-4020 for a custom quote.
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Inspection and data points:

The assessment includes a hands-on inspection and instrument logging of over 30 key metrics relating to power, cooling, and airflow in the data centre. These assessment points include:

  • Detailed technical reporting of infrastructure deficiencies
  • Volumetric supply-airflow rates in perforated tiles
  • Detailed technical inspection of airflow patterns in each rack
  • Evaluation of thermal load in each rack
  • Inspection for enclosure air leakage
  • Real time logging of actual CRAC/CRAH return and supply air temperatures
  • Inspection for air leakage on the white space
  • Inspection under the raised floor and in the ceiling plenum
  • Raised floor airflow temperatures
  • Maximum device inlet temperatures for each rack
Within five business days of the data capture you’ll receive the full report and data set, along with custom recommendations to help you optimize your facility.

The fine print

There isn’t a whole lot of of fine print for our assessment service—we simply want to offer great value, with a fast turnaround, at an unbeatable price point!

Key details to note:

  • The data centre assessment service is only available to clients in Canada at this time.
  • The assessment focuses primarily on airflow management and general data centre best practices. If you also require an audit of your cooling or electrical systems we can provide that for an additional fee.
  • These one-time snapshots do not include CFD modelling. If you require “what if” scenario planning, we can include CFD modeling for an extra fee.
  • Pricing is based on a mid-sized facility with up to 40 racks arranged in a standard aisle configuration. Larger facilities and non-standard configurations may require more time and an adjustment to the stated price.
  • After the initial consultation, we will provide a statement of work based on your specific requirements. It will outline the exact work to be performed and the final price for the service.

Please call 1-800-667-4020 to book your assessment or request additional information.

“The on-site visit was very professional and didn’t intrude on our operations. 

And we had actionable recommendations in a week! 

It was the perfect way to get some quick wins in our facility.”

Ron B., Facilities Manager