Data Centre CFD Modeling

Diagnose cooling issues and explore what-if scenarios

Effective data centre cooling involves so many factors – from the enclosures themselves to the various containment options – that it is hard to know where to start when heat becomes a problem.

When planning changes to your facility, it is also very difficult to estimate the impact the changes will have on airflow and equipment temperatures.

Our CFD modeling team can help.

Computational fluid dynamics modeling is a powerful software-based process used to predict airflow patterns in the data centre.It provides the reassurance that your cooling solution will  deliver the ROI you expect. It also allows you to understand how it will behave under any number of different scenarios, including future expansions.

To give you the most reliable and detailed picture of how your data centre cooling solution will perform, WhiteSpace uses 6SigmaDC, the “Cadillac” of CFD modeling software. It delivers the most accurate cooling predictions available today incorporating an incredible range of input variables, including:

  • The specific cooling units, UPS and PDUs that you have in place, right down to the manufacturer and model number
  • The size, location and placement of all racks and enclosures
  • Room dimensions, as well as any major or minor features that may affect airflow and cooling
  • Floor characteristics, including height, composition and any grates or openings
  • Ceiling details, including the height from the raised floor, the height of the plenum space, as well as the location and extent of coverage of ceiling egg crates

When the analysis is complete, you’ll get a full report with graphics, as well as specific recommendations to help you solve any cooling challenges that the analysis may uncover.

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