Independent Containment System

The Independent Containment System (ICS), a free-standing, scalable, sustainable and vendor-neutral containment solution for high-density computing environments. Designed to provide maximum flexibility in all environments, the ICS,
assembled within the footprint of a standard aisle, is constructed with a tubular steel frame. The frame’s structure is designed to be freestanding and meets seismic NEBS Zone 4 standards.

The ability to extend aisles with load growth makes the ICS an ideal solution for co-location and other highly evolving data center environments that require on-the-fly modifications. Vertical blanking panels ensure containment integrity when racks are partially deployed within the row and are easily removed in sections to allow quick installation and positioning of new IT racks.

The ICS is also rack agnostic, supporting virtually any brand of server or network rack in any depth, height and size with on-demand reconfiguration of the row.

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